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Love ~ Sex ~ Trauma ~ Culture ~ Spirituality

Cultivate authenticity in being you and in your relationships

Individual & relationship counseling

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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

Quality holistic care

Move into the life you want to live

If you are feeling stuck in patterns that don’t serve you and are ready to untangle and move forward, please reach out! I would love to accompany you on your journey to help you move into your next phase of growth. Therapy with me is a space to...

  • gain emotional skillfulness with difficult feelings, such as anxiety, depression, confusion, grief, etc

  • improve communication of honest expression and gain the connection you long for

  • come into alignment with your values through congruency of thought, speech, and action

  • relief from past trauma(s), integrate all that can be gained and come fully into your present life

  • improve intimacy (emotional, physical, spiritual) with yourself and others

  • strengthen your identity in this life

  • cut through cyclical arguments to create healthier patterns of communication and new understanding

  • move out of distress and into secure attachment with your beloved(s)

  • become a master of ethical non-monogamy 

  • navigate uncoupling with grace

As a contemplative relational therapist, I help guide you to your innate brilliance because how health and happiness looks is unique for each person. I bring an expertise in relationships and human nature to offer you clear guidance when you get stuck. Weaving in the latest in attachment theory, l help you discern what really matters for you. Let's discover your truths for how you want to live and be in relationship.

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4251 Kipling St, Suite 430

Wheat Ridge, CO


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