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Services I Offer

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Walk me through the experience of being you

"Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself hidden in it's depths." ~Rumi

If you're wanting to move through stuck patterns that aren't serving you, please reach out. Learn to navigate and move through the murky waters of depression, anxiety, trauma, confusion, stress or whatever is blocking you. Come into alignment with your innate brilliance, cultivate nourishing relationships and work life, move forward from trauma, and improve your quality of being.

Couples Therapy

Relational Therapy

Uncover the heart of what matters most

Therapy for couples, throuples, polycules, ethical non-monogamy, and beyond!

Find immediate relief from distress through improved communication skills. Put an end to perpetual fights that go nowhere and have a different kind of conversation that reaches to the heart of what matters most. Be free of trauma. Create the love and sex that you long for.

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