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Hi there, I’m Nava Narayani.

I offer holistic therapy and I love this work!

My Approach

~ I believe well-being for you is defined by you. My general guiding tool in therapy + coaching is to see if you are functioning in alignment with your values, thoughts, speech, and actions and are enjoying being you and how you live.


~ I believe you are a whole-body processing system, not just a head or only a nervous system. I help clients become aware of how their whole-body system is communicating to them, like a compass, and the connection between thoughts, emotions, body posture, and physical sensations. I help you stay on track with your therapy goals with regular check ins on progress and help you remove barriers to success as they come up.


~ The main psychotherapy modalities that I work with are somatic, attachment theory, mindfulness, as well as sprinklings of creative art and nature therapy. I would describe my approach as a tuning of the heart. I work to help you synthesize complex experiences into a sense of inner harmony. It brings me particular joy when I see clients bettering their intimate relationships!

Cherry Blossoms

My Story

There are many woven reasons for my being here, in the realm of therapy + coaching, on my healer’s journey. The pieces may slowly come out in blog writing, but for now…


It started, of course, in pursuit of my own healing. I remember the moment- it was a bright sunny day, I was out biking, all was well in my life, but my mind was a torrent of storms and I felt miserable. I decided it didn’t matter what I did, if I wasn’t content inside I wouldn’t enjoy the richness of living. Or manifest dreams. So, I pursued to understand the inner world. As well, my activism work in my teens lead to a conclusion that people manifest their inner worlds, so if I want to create positive change in this world, I need to help people be more satisfied inside. And I needed to start with myself.


A significant journey for me has been recovery from sexual assault, intense anxiety, and bouts of depression. Ironically, psychotherapy didn’t so well work for me. So, I travelled the world in desperation for help from other culture’s healing modalities and with young excitement to experience new cultures. I gained many different perspectives on how to view and be in life and deepened my spiritual understanding. Towards the end of my cultural travels, I decided I needed to dive deep into one healing form. I decided to return to the country I was born in, USA, and figure out how to heal the troubles that manifest in my home culture. In addition, for me, all the beautiful spiritual intensives I went through were missing a better understanding of psychology, of the struggles of humaning.


I come to this work blessed to carry forward the work of so many brilliant healers and sources of medicine. At the time of writing this, I feel particularly thankful for the unique university I got to attend for my master’s degree in clinical mental health with a focus in Buddhist psychology at Naropa University. Rather than the typical armchair studying of human psychology as separate from oneself, I got to deeply explore the vast landscapes of my mind. I believe my clients benefit from this becomes I come with profound empathy for the wildness and mundanities of human experiences.

Random fun facts about me outside of this work: I love dancing, aerial arts, cooking, rock climbing, snowboarding, being ridiculous, and laughing a lot. I'm mom to a ball python. I generally hate labels and avoid using them for myself. 

Influential Educational and Work Background


MA from Naropa University 

BA from SUNY New Paltz

Denver Family Institute

Relationship therapy trainings

Naropa University

Naropa University

EFT Externship

Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA)

Private practice bodyworker

Awareness Shop, New Paltz, NY

Tami Kent

Somanada School of Tantra

Somananda School of Tantra

Tara Mandala

Sivananda Vedanta Yoga

Amy Colo, CPM, LMT

Devout student.

Clinical Mental Health with a concentration in Buddhist Psychology and Contemplative Psychotherapy

Healing and Performing Arts

Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Psychobiological Approach to Couple's Therapy (PACT), Gottman Therapy. Workshops in a focus on serving Black clients, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), and EFT for poly clients. Self-study in PolySecure and Internal Family Systems.

Meditation Instructor

Clinical Support Professional for Family Systems Course


Crisis Support Hotline

Thai Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra


Holistic Pelvic Health

Arvigio Womb Healing

Tantric trainings

Meditation Instructor


200hrs yoga instructor

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