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Individual Therapy

"Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself hidden in it's depths." ~Rumi

Tell me more about individual therapy...


Therapy + coaching is a comprehensive mental health program that integrates your past, present, and future to set you up for success. The therapy I offer can help to recover from past traumas and blocks in emotional, social, & identity development. Therapy can help you to understand how where you’ve been has influenced who you’ve become and tools to tend to unresolved emotional wounds. You’ll also gain new relationship skills to strengthen social bonds. It is often with a gentle and compassionate approach. Therapy can be complex and non-linear so there is space for this kind of processing and unfolding.


Coaching styles can be folded in as you are ready. Oftentimes, when clients have come to some resolution of their past, they are more ready to progress with forward thinking and action. I can continue to help you notice and move through obstacles that come up that resonate with your history and change old coping strategies that no longer match your environment. We’ll work on creating and achieving goals, maintaining new habits, and methods for problem solving when you are stuck.

Image by Ashley Batz

~  walk me through the experience of being you  ~

Common topics covered in therapy

  • Reducing anxiety + depression symptoms

  • Emotional regulation skills

  • Relationship stress + skills

  • Identity development

  • Navigating new relationship structure

  • Trauma symptoms

  • Improving self-esteem + confidence

  • Boundary setting skills

  • Intergenerational patterns

  • Spiritual inquiries​

Common modalities used: Somatic therapy, Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and mindfulness. I sometimes integrate Reiki, nature therapy, art therapy, and yoga as requested, and pull from the theories presented in PolySecure.

Image by youssef naddam

Common results from therapy

  • Increase of self-esteem, confidence, clarity in identity and values

  • Emotional skillfulness

  • Resiliency

  • Increase of empathy & compassion

  • Strength in boundaries

  • Effective communication skills

  • Development of spiritual orientation

  • Increase sense of ease

  • Relief from fears

  • Sense of wholeness, integration, alignment, and embodiment

  • Balance of independence and interdependence

  • Increase creativity and drive

  • Balming of the nervous system

  • Safe, meaningful, and nourishing love

~  Clients often describe sitting with me as grounding, calming, safe, non-judgmental, and evoking new awareness  ~


For legal reasons, I can only offer therapy for clients with residency address in Colorado. Coaching I can offer clients from anywhere. The style may be more direct, future and goal-oriented, but never loses the compassion of my personality. The limitations of coaching include I cannot offer diagnosis or provide a Superbill for insurance reimbursement. If you are experiencing intensive mental health issues, such as suicidality, violent impulses, or addiction, in-state therapy may be a better option. If you have more questions about whether out-of-state coaching is right for you, please contact me or book a free consultation call.

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