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Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

“The diamond is whole and complete BECAUSE it is fractured. It creates more diverse beauty.” ~unknown

"Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself hidden in its depths." ~Rumi

~ Walk me through the experience of being you ~

If you're feeling stuck in patterns you don't enjoy, please reach out. I follow your lead with where you want to go in therapy and strive to understand the world through your experiences. I reflect your mind back to you to help you better attune to your innate brilliance while offering nudges, tools, and new perspectives along the way. I work with a blend of contemplative psychotherapy, somatic/body-based therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and Internal Family Systems (IFS). In addition, I work with a systemic lens to understand how familial, societal, and cultural factors influence your wellbeing and sense of self. 

In therapy with me, you may gain emotional skillfulness and greater emotional capacity. Develop your own philosophy about how to be with and move through distressing feelings and experiences. Learn to navigate the murky waters of depression, anxiety, trauma, and confusion.

At the end of therapy, my aim is that you'll feel aligned with yourself in thought, speech, and action, skillful in navigating life's rocky waters, trust in your innate brilliance, skill in expressing yourself, and understand who you are. I hope for you to move out of distress, apathy, or whatever is blocking you, and into a sense of integrity, self-respect, patience, wisdom, joy, peace, and harmony with your inner and outter worlds. Improve your relationships, health, work life, and quality of being.

I celebrate diversity in all forms and welcome people of all different backgrounds, lifestyles, appearances, spiritual practices, and invisible identities. I enjoy working with artists, creative thinkers, mystics, nomads, sex workers, wild women, queerness, the misunderstood, and those simply looking to understand themselves and improve their lives. Let’s work together to help you feel fulfilled, in integrity, and joyful with the courage to face life's challenges.

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