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Sex Therapy

For couples+ and individuals

What is the role of sex for you in your life? Why is it important or not important to you? What would you like to experience through your sexuality? What are your desires, boundaries, and curiosities? How do you stay safe and care for other's safety? How can you enjoy more? Are you looking for transcendence?

Sex can be an activity for bonding, playfulness, expression, spirituality, moving through emotions, processing life, etc. Sex can also be a source of immense hurt, soul wounding, and painful tension in a relationship. Whatever it is for you and where you're wanting to go, I offer a safe enough space to be with you in the complexity of sexual exploration and guidance on where you want to go. 

**I only offer talk sex therapy at this time**

You may benefit from sex therapy with me if you...

  • are ready to process and heal from sexual trauma and put the nightmares to rest

  • struggling with sexual numbness, low libido, hypersexuality, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, flashbacks, anxiety, fear

  • want to bond with your loved one(s) through more intimate physical connection

  • too many arguments in your relationship(s) center around sex

  • you haven't had sex with your loved one(s) in sooooooooo long and would like to again

  • want to understand who you are as a sexual person (what are your attractions, desires, and boundaries? what life factors and cultural narratives have influenced your relationship to sex?)

  • want to become a master of consent navigation, safety, and boundary setting

  • looking to integrate your spiritual philosophy into your sex life

  • you want to feel safe and trusting within your own body

  • you want to love through sex

Let's get you to where you want to be!

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