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Couples Therapy

Relational Therapy

Uncover the heart of what matters most

Therapy for couples, throuples, polycules, ethical non-monogamy, and beyond!

If you're ready to take your relationship skills to the next level, please reach out!

Relational therapy with me is a space to improve upon and upgrade your relationship skills to create meaningful and authentic connection. Discern what matters most and articulate yourself so that you may be heard. Likewise, enhance your listening skills so you may connect better with your special one(s). Untangle issues in sex for richer pleasure.

Move through past traumas and use the wisdom gained to show up fully here & now with your special one(s) and cut out what isn't nourishing you.

Therapy can be a space to have a mediator to break up the cycle of perpetual arguments. Carve out intentional time and space to improve your relationship skills. Communicate & listen more effectively, reach for connection, offer and receive warming connection. 

With so many relationship structure possibilities, figure out which one works best for you and how to do it better. Write your own love story and relationship script. Learn how to care for yourself and your partner better by understanding attachment styles and how they interact with each other.

In addition, gain skillfulness in uncoupling and recover from painful relationships. Know when a relationship isn't working and how to disentangle. It's my belief that having these capacities allows you to choose who you want to be with from a place of authenticity, desire, and wisdom rather than scarcity and fear.

I look forward to helping nourish your heart.

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