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Common Queries

What are your fees?

My fee exchange

Individual therapy: $125/55min, $150/80min

Relationship therapy: $150/55min/$180/80min.

For relationship therapy there is more structure in the beginning. The first session we meet all together for 85min and I do an intake of your relationship history. Then I meet with each of you individually 55min for an assessment of your attachment style and family history. There is the option to take the Gottman Relationship Questionnaire that'll give you a document at the end with their assessment of your relationship's strengths and challenges. Then we meet all together again for 85min and with all the information gathered at this point we'll have a clear road map of where we're going and what to focus on.

I am unfortunately unable to take insurance at this time, but I can provide a superbill. Please ask me about any sliding scale needs.

Why should I choose you as my relationship therapist?

My education – I have extensively researched relationships and the human experience through formal education and my own studies. I work with research-backed methods for creating secure relationship structures and attachment. I am an exquisite listener and care about my clients, they teach me lots. I live passionately with an eye for mysteries. My own heart is one of my greatest teachers.

My commitment – I’m clearly passionate about this work. I’m there to stick with you through the thick and thin of it. I am here for you.

My personality – if we vibe well on the consultation call, that’s probably a good sign. Instead of trying to summarize the complexity of the experience of me here, just call me and find out. It’s free so, let’s chat! But in broad strokes, people describe me as warm, caring, safe, mysterious, wild, playful, grounding, insightful, and wise. My favorite description given about what it's like to work with me was the my interventions are "gentle and subtle yet direct and insightful."


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