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Creating secure attachment & solid relationship structure

For people who want to commit to relationshipping with each other. We'll repair attachment wounds and remove obstacles obstructing the pathway to each other's hearts. I'll help guide you through building a solid foundation and structure for your relationship to withstand the storms and wear of life.

Lasting love is worth the investment <3

Long-term commitment is a long-term endeavor. It takes relationship skills that don't come naturally to everyone (including me!), especially if you have relational or sexual trauma. The skills I've learned in therapy have improved all of my significant relationships which in turn has improved my overall happiness and self-esteem. For me, it was a lot of small things I didn't even realize I was doing that needed to change to be closer with others. That's why I'm excited to help guide you through creating the safety you need to let each other in close.

Please reach out if you are ready to...

  • be in love

  • have more fun with disagreements

  • repair hurts

  • clear out what's been swept under the rug

  • speak honestly with each other without causing distance to grow

  • laugh more

  • hold each other more

  • have better sex

  • activate life dreams together

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