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Poly livin'

Polyamory can be big love and beautifully elaborate. It can also be an exhausting mess of hurts. It’s individualized what the practice of polyamory means and offers each person. Let’s get you clear about your why and how so you can be in alignment with your heart, mind, and body and caring for other’s hearts, mind, and bodies.

You'd benefit from poly therapy if...

  • you’re new to polyamory life and want to avoid common pitfalls

  • you’re struggling to know what kind of relationship structure you want

  • you feel guilty about dating more than one person

  • you don’t know how to process jealousy in a beneficial way

  • your different partners don’t get along

  • you want an open relationship and your partner wants monogamy or visa versa

  • you’re transitioning from open to closed relationship status or closed to open

  • you’re struggling to be clear with your boundaries or have them respected

  • your partner is upset every time you come home from a date

  • you want to break up but don't know how

  • you were broken up with and are spiraling out

  • you’ve been betrayed by a partner and want to heal

  • you broke an agreement and want to repair

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